Changes I’ve made to my diet for endometriosis and PCOS

The first thing many people will do after knowing they have hormonal imbalances is to immediately start taking prescription medication. Your doctor or gynecologist will most likely push for you to be on this medication if you have endometriosis or PCOS.

That’s what happened to me anyway.

However, changing your diet is crucial. I mean think about it, we are what we eat and it shows.

I’m not talking about your weight. Your diet shows in your skin, your hair, and your overall mood and energy. It makes up what is going on on the inside.

When I initially got blood work done for my hormones, they were off the charts. This was a red flag that I had PCOS. I immediately started researching natural alternatives to the medication and I found that each article I read led to my diet.

These are the things I have cut from my diet that have helped me :


Soy affects the estrogen levels in your body. If you’re estrogen dominant, you don’t want to add more estrogen to your body.

Eliminating soy from my diet was the hardest because almost all alternative meat has soy, and being vegan and cutting out a staple like tofu is not easy.

Because of this, I reach for more vegetables to bulk my meals. However, I have found some alternative options :

Beyond Meat


Dr Preagers burgers

Hilarys Sausage


Gluten and essentially carbs in general, cause inflammation in the body. This is detrimental if you’re already suffering from inflammation due to endometriosis.

Because a vegan diet consists of a lot of carbohydrates, this was also a challenge for me. I did not eliminate carbs all together because well, 1- that’s your energy source and 2- your girl LOVES pasta. I just started reaching for healthier alternatives.

Becoming gluten-free is fairly easy today. Most restaurants will serve gluten free bread and pancakes upon request. It’s as easy as simply reaching for gluten-free bread or wraps at the store instead of your usual brand.

Some of my go-to’s :

Hippeas – BBQ flavor is my all time favorite

Canyon Bakehouse Bread – SO good!!

Banza chickpea pasta 

Purely Elizabeth Granola 

Simple Mills Crackers – great paired with dairy-free cheese!


Cow’s milk has a whirlwind of added hormones. Again, you don’t want to consume fake hormones or added hormones if you’re already suffering from a hormonal imbalance.

I have been dairy free since becoming plant-based a couple years ago so this was obviously a no brainer for me. There are so many alternative milks along with dairy-free ice cream, creamers, and yogurts.

Some of my favorites :

Daiya cheese – they have great options for dressings and pizza too!

Follow your heart Mayo

Earth Balance butter 

Macadamia Milk – my favorite right now!

Silk almond milk – I use the unsweetened one for most of my recipes

So Delicious ice cream – cashew milk ice cream is so so good!!

Ben & Jerry’s– seven-layer is my all time fave!

Overall, I started incorporating more greens and healthy fats along with turmeric because of it’s great anti-inflammatory benefits and ashwagandha powder because it lowers cortisol levels and reduces blood sugar levels for PCOS.

Obviously, there are some instances when eating this way may not be available. It’s all about being conscious of what’s in your food and taking steps to better your health. Since cutting these ingredients from my diet, my skin has cleared, my digestive system is better, and overall my body feels less congested and inflamed.

Many of us believe that being healthy means restricting and that is far from the truth. You can still indulge in the foods you love, just switch up some ingredients and make it your own!

Remember, this is what has worked for me and help keep my symptoms at bay. Everyone is different and you should do what makes your body thrive!

I hope this helps

Much love,